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Elevate your Training with Custom-Built Software.

We build custom training and simulation games for high-stakes industries to make sure your team can receive the finest quality training that is available in the market. 

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Efficient training without compromising quality

Whenever your work involves risky or dangerous situations, having the right training can mean the difference between success and failure.


Proper training not only saves you and your organization time and money, but it can also potentially save lives. Just think how you would feel if you knew you had helped increase the number of people who made it back to their families. 


The question then becomes, how can you train your team efficiently without compromising the quality of the training, and in a way that prepares your team for the modern issues they may face for the first time in history? 


The answer is custom-built software that specifically adapts to your unique situation.

Our VR training product would not be market ready without their team’s unparalleled level of creativity, agility, production management, and UE expertise.”

Matt Derby
Product Manager, L3Harris

Our Solutions

More than Training Software

Vigilante has helped numerous leading companies in the world bring their simulations to life.


While every project is different, we carefully analyze and adapt to your requirements in order to deliver that training experience that will set you light years ahead of the competition. 



We specialize in crafting bespoke training and simulation games that precisely cater to the unique needs and challenges of high-stakes industries.

High Fidelity Content

High Fidelity Content

Our own content library offers HLA and DIS-compliant 3D models, MOCAP, and technical art to create realistic and immersive training experiences.



Cutting-edge virtual training development platform designed to create comprehensive and immersive training experiences for a variety of industries and applications.

What makes Vigilante stand out from the rest?


Vigilante focuses on providing fully customized training solutions tailored to each client's unique needs, ensuring the most effective and relevant training experience possible.​

Advanced Technology

Vigilante leverages cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, LLM, and real-world data integration, to create immersive, adaptive, and realistic training environments that stay ahead of industry trends.​

High Fidelity Library

A growing content library of 140+ DIS/HLA compliant 3D models.​

Strong Industry Partnerships

Vigilante has a proven track record of successful collaborations with high-profile clients with exceptional customer support.

Improving the way your team trains is quite easy:


Step 1:
Gather Requirements

Every project is unique, sharing this information will help us immerse ourselves in the vision you have for your software.

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Step 2:
We get to Work

Once we have all the scope of work & research sorted out, we get to work using selected methodologies to get things done efficiently.

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Step 3:
Improve Training

Ready to train sir! After receiving your product, you will be able to train your team in a more efficient and safe way.


"By providing this comprehensive and free library to use a springboard, Vigilante is lowering the barrier and allowing users to focus on the semantics of their simulation applications rather than on creating true to life visual representation of their entities.”

    Sébastien Lozé
    Sébastien Lozé

    Simulations Manager, Epic Games

    Working with the Vigilante team is key to helping us with virtual vehicle development and digital content creation for our immersive training solutions. Our VR training product would not be market ready without their team’s unparalleled level of creativity, agility, production management, and UE expertise.

      Matt Derby
      Matt Derby

      Product Manager, L3Harris

      "Vigilante goes above and beyond to provide a professional, prompt, andreliable service. From initial order to final delivery, they make every step of the process easy and stress-free. I can rely on them to not only meet my requirements for artwork specification, but to do so in a timely and transparent manner."

        Mark Lacey
        Mark Lacey

        Director of Art - BISim

        "Vigilante really delivers. We were looking for an outsourcing partner that could provide guidance and also approach us with integrity. We found Vigilante was not only 100% transparent with their pricing, but also, they would put the product in our hands as soon as they could.

          Chris Greig
          Chris Greig

          CEO - Offworld Defense Simulation

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